Prepared Chiefly from minutes Left by Charles Marsh.

JOHN MARSH came over from England about 1633, and settled in the Colooy of Massachusetts; removed thence in 1636 to Hartford, Conn., where he settled, and had a numerous family.

2. JOHN, son of John (1), born about 1643; married first Sarah Lyman. 28 Nov., 1666; settled at Hartford, on the Marsh homestead; had John, born 1668; Nathaniel, born 6 March, 1671; his twin brotber, Joseph, born 5 Marcb, 1671; Sarah, born 17 Feb., 1673; Elizabeth, baptized 27 June, 1675; Hannah, born 2 Dec., 1677; Ebenezer, born 28 Feb., 1679; Hannah, born 10 April, 1681; Ruth. married Wm. Cadwell, 31 Oct., 1711; Lydia, born 18 Jan., 1684; Hepsibah, born 6 June. 1686, married 1711 to Jonathan Wadsworth; Jonathan, born 7 Aug., 1688. This John married, second, Susannah Butter, 1 Jan., 1708, and had Susannah, born Feb., 1710/11.

3. JOSEPH, son of John (2), known as Capt. Joseph Marsh, married Hannah --, about 1696, became a proprietor at Lebanon, Conn., 1697; had Elizabeth, bap, 30 Jan., 1697/8; Joseph, born in Hartford, Conn., 5 Dec. 1699, married Mercy Bill, 25 Sept., 1728, settled in Lebanon, Conn., where he died, 1753; Hannah, bap. at Lebanon, 9 Nov., 1704; Pelatiah. bap. 8 Dec., 1707; Jonathan, bap, 23 Sept., 1713.  

4. JOSEPH, son of Joseph (3), known as Ensign Joseph Marsh, mar- ried Mercy Bill, 25 Sept., 1723, and had Mercy, born 1725, married Israel Loomis, 1747, and resided in Connecticut; Joseph, born 12 Jan., 1726, old style; Anna, born 1729, married Pelatiah Marsh, Jr., 28 Dec., 1752, and resided in Connecticut; Abel, born 1735; Elisha, born 173_; Eliphalet. The father died at Lebanon, 1753, and the four sons above named, with their widowed mother, moved to Hartford, Vt., 1773-4.

6. JOSEPH, son of Joseph (4). married Dorothy Mason (for whose descent see below), 10 Jan., 1750, and had Lydia, born 5 Nov., 1750; Dorothy, born 20 April, 1752; Rhoda, born 20 June, 1754; Joseph, born 1 Jan., 1757; Mary. born 8 Feb., 1759; Danel, born 2 Jan., 1761; Roswell, born 26 March, 1762; Charles, born 10 July, 1765;  

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Roger, born 17 August, 1767; Parthena, born 3 Nov., 1769; Wil- liam, born 1 Oct., 1772; Betsey, born 18 April, 1776, all having been born in Lebanon except Betsey, born in Hartford, Vt.  Joseph, the father of these children, was a farmer by occupation, a high-toned, strong-minded man. He was elected the first Lieutenant-Governor of Vermont, in 1778, and again elected to the same office in 1787-88-89; appointed Chief Judge of Windsor County Court, Oct. 1781, and continued to occupy this post till 1796; he died the 9th Feb., 1811. His wife Dorothy died 14 April, 1810, having been born in Norwich, Conn., 9 April, 1732; (see her gravestone, Quechee.)

6. ABEL, son of Joseph (4), married Dorothy Udall, of Stonington, Conn., 2 Dec., 1754, and had four sons and two daughters, viz., Abel, Roger, Dolly, Samuel, Milo, and Sarah.  Of these, Samuel married and left Otis, who formerly lived near Taftsville, Vt., but subsequently moved West. He (Otis) had several children, one of whom. a physician, married a Blish, of Woodstock; Milo (son of Abel) married and left Wealthy, who married Luther Porter. Sarah married Ignatius Sprague; Abel, the father, died aged 87.

7. ELISHA, son of Joseph (4), married a Terry, and left two sons and two daughters, viz., Elisha (who married Eunice Paine), Isaac, Polly, and Christiana. One of the daughters married a Ransom, and the other a Perry. Elisha died at the age of 83.

8. ELIPHALET, son of Joseph (4). married and had children, viz., Russell, Sarah, and others, one of whom (a daughter) married a Morgan. Sarah married a Smith, and was mother of Mrs. Dunbar.

9. LYDIA, daughter of Joseph (5), married Josiah Rockwell, and remained in Lebanon. Her children were Lothrop, Asahel, Daniel, Joseph, Erastus, Jabel (or Jabez), Lydia, Clarissa, and Rhoda.

10. DOROTHY, daughter of Joseph (5), married Eliphalet Bill, and had children:- - Benajah, Eliphalet, Mason, Roswell, Noadiah, Mary, Dorothy, Betsey, Almyra.

11. RHODA, daughter of Joseph (5), married for her first husband Thomas White Pitkin. Their children were, Thomas W., Lucy, Sam- uel, Rhoda, Ruth, Rebecca. Of these, Thomas W. married his cousin Mary Bill, and had children: Thomas, Lucius (who married -- Wood and lived in N. Y.). Lucy, who was born 8 Feb., 1784; married at Balaton, N. Y., Robert Ellis, and had two sons, Robert Ellis and Thomas Pitkin Ellis, both living a few years ago in New York. Upon the death of Mr. Ellis, Lucy married for her second husband Joseph Bishop Abrams, and had two daughters, viz., Lucy Ellis Abrams, who married James Sanford, of Mobile, Ala., and Mary Pitkin Abrams, who married James Stevens, recently of Philadelphia. Rhoda (who was born 1774, died 1858) married her cousin, Dr. Mason Bill. Samuel

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was a physician, and resided in Balaton, N. Y.: married Betsey Hamlin. Rhoda Marsh, on the death of her first husband, F. W. Pitkin, married (2d) Rev. Thomas Gross, and had two sons, Dr. Pitkin Gross, recently living in Kingston, Canada, and Horace Gross, who died after finishing his law studies.

12. JOSEPH, son of Joseph (5), married Erepta Weld; lived in Hartford, and died there, 16 April, 1837, aged 81. His wife died 5 Sept., 1843, aged 83. They had children: - Gracia, who died unmar- ried, at Hartford, 25 April, 1858, aged 72; Joseph Henry, who married. and had several children; lived at Oberlin, Ohio; Mary, who married Ira Hazen, of Hartford, and had children.

13. MARY, daughter of Joseph (5), married Elijah Mason, and had children : - Clarissa, Mary, Boswell, Peleg, Myrinda.

14. DANIEL, son of Joseph (5), married Marion Harper; lived and died on his father's homestead, which went into his hands on the death of his father. He died 11 Dec., 1829, aged 69 years; his wife Marion died there, 18 March, 1851. Their children were: Roswell, who married, settled, and became a prominent lawyer in Steubenville, Ohio; died __, James, who was born 19 July, 1794, graduated at Dartmouth College, 1817, was appointed Tutor there in 1818; was afterwards Professor in Hampden Sydney College, 1824-6, removed thence to Burlington, Vt., and was appointed President of the University of Vermont, 1826, and upon resigning the trust in 1833, was chosen Professor of Moral Philosophy, which chair he held to the time of his death. He was widely known as editor and author of introductions to several of Coleridge's works, and aided much in their circulation in this country. He died at Burlington, in 1842. He was married to Miss Baldwin, of Mont- pelier, Vt.; had three sons, viz.: Sidney, who married and became President of the University of Oregon; James, who died 1858, at the Sandwich Islands, where he had been sometime Superintendent of Public Instruction; Joseph, a teacher in Canada. Persis, died unmarried, 1844, aged 47. Leonard, graduated at Dart. Coll., 1827, and received the degree of M. D., 1832. After practicing as physician a number of years in New York, Hartford, and Burlington, he was appointed Professor of the Greek Language and Literature in the University of Vt., and was subsequently transferred to the professorship of Physiology and Nat. Hist. in the same institution. He died --. He married Mary Foote of Burlington. and had children: William, Charles, Mary, Louisa married George Udall, of Hartford, Vt., and had children. Arabella, married Chauncey Goodrich, of Burlington, Vt., and had two children, Marion and Arabella. Emily, married Thomas Reed, of Burlington, and had children. Daniel, married Lucinda Hall, of Hartford, and had children, Roswell, Mary, and _.  

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15. ROSWELL, son of Joseph (5), died unmarried, 1784, aged 22.  

16. CHARLES, son of Joseph (5), has been fully described in another part of this book, and extended mention made of his several children. Some additional items concerning the family are given here. Lyndon Arnold Marsh had one child, Benjamin Swan, born 16 Sept., 1830, and died at Woodstock, 24 Jan., 1861. He graduated at Dartmouth College, 1851, with the highest honors; was remarkable for the fullness and accuracy of his attainments in classical learning, and for his acquisitions in all departments of sound scholarship and general literature. Two children were born to George P. Marsh by his first wife, Harriet Buel, viz., Charles, who died in his childhood, and George Ozias, born 24 Aug., 1832, became established as a lawyer in the city of New York, and died February 17, 1865. Sarah Burrill, who married Wyllys Lyman (son of Elias Lyman, of Hartford, Vt.). had by him four children, two of whom died in their infancy. Of the survivors, Wyllys, Jr., born 4 April, 1830, settled as a lawyer in New York; entered the service during the Civil War, is married, and is now residing in Wash- ington, D. C. Susan Marsh was married in 1852 to George F. Edmunds, lawyer, reaiding in Burlington, Vt., who was Speaker of the Vermont House of Representatives for the sessions of 1866-7-8 and 9; on the death of Solomon Foote he was appointed in his place United States Senator, taking his seat in April, 1866. They had two children, Mary and Julia, of whom Julia has recently deceased.

17. ROGER, son of Joseph (5), married Mary Chapman, and had Levi, who died unmarried at the West; Charles Chapman, who graduated at Dart. Coll., 1828, married and settled as a lawyer in New York city; deceased. Edward Warren, graduated at the University of Vermont, 1836, married and settled as a lawyer in New York, and died in 1868; Franklin died unmarried, 1856, in New York, where he had been a successful merchant.

18. PARTHENA, daughter of Joseph (5), married Elijah Brainerd, and had Nancy, Parthena, Lavinia, Mary, Susan, Henry, William, Columbus, Joseph.  

19. WILLIAM, son of Joseph (5), married Sarah Marshall. She died without children many years ago. He settled in Pawlet, Vt.  

20. BETSEY, daughter of Joseph (5), married Robert Ham, and had Ida, Sylvia, who married (first) James Snow, who died without chil- dren; (second) James Benson, of South Royalton, Vt.


I. MAJOR JOHN MASON was born in England about 1600. He was Lieut. in the army, and served in the Low Countries under Sir Thomas

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Fairfax; came to America abont 1630, and settled at Dorchester, Mass. Represented the town in the General Convention. In Oct., 1635, he removed to Windsor, where he married his wife Anne. In May, 1637, he commanded the successful expeditions against the Pequots. He removed to Saybrook, 1647, and in 1660 to Norwich, of which he was one of the thirty-five proprietors; was Deputy Gov. of Connecticut for many years; died Jan. 30, 1671-2. He had seven children.

II. DANIEL MASON (sixth child and youngest son) was born 6 April, 1652, at Saybrook; m. Margaret Davidson, of Roxbury, Mass. At the commencement of King Philip war she was sent with her child to her relatives in Roxbury, where she probably died. She left one son, b. 16 Nov., 1674, at Stonington, and baptized by the apostle John Eliot, in 1676, at Roxbury. He married twice, and died at Stonington, about 1737, aged 85 years.  

III. DANIEL MASON, b. 16 Nov., 1674. m. 19 April, 1704, Dorothy Hobart, born 21 Aug., 1679, at Topsfield, Mass., dau. of Rev. Jeremiah Hobart, minister of Haddam. They settled at Lebanon, where he died 7 May, 1705, leaving one child, Jeremiah. (After his death, she, Dorothy H., m. Hon. Hezekiah Brainerd, of Haddam. and had by him nine children, one of whom, David Brainerd, was the distinguished missionary to the Indians.)

IV. JEREMIAH MASON (only child of Daniel (III)), b. 4 May, 1705, at Lebanon, Conn.; m. May, 1727, Mary Clark, b. about 1704, at Haddam. He was a farmer, and settled in that part of Norwich which is now Franklin, and died in 1779. His wife died 11 April, 1799. They had eight children, The second son. Col. Jeremiah Mason, married his third cousin. Elizabeth Fitch. and was the father of Jeremiah Mason the eminent lawyer, who was b. 27 April, 1768, graduated at Yale Coll. 1788; Senator in Congress. from 1813 to 1817; died in Boston, 14 Nov., 1848.

V. DOROTHY MASON, third child of Jeremiah (IV.), was born 9 April, 1732, at Norwich. Conn.; married 10 Jan., 1750, Joseph Marsh, as above; removed with her husband to Hartford, Vt., where she died, 14 April, 1810.